Van Rail (氷窟蔦(ヴァン・レイル) van reiru?, kanji: lit. "Ice Cavern Vine") is an offensive spell belonging to water shamanistic magic[1].

While chanting, the caster puts their hand on a solid surface. After speaking the Power Words, countless icy threads sprout from their hand and advance along the surface. Anything touched by these threads gets enveloped by them and is soon sealed into ice. This is a rare spell, but a very effective one when fighting indoors.



永遠を過ぎ行き 行き交う風よ
優しきながれ たゆたう水よ


eien wo sugiyuki yukikau kaze yo
yasashiki nagare tayutau mizu yo
subete no mono ni shiroi ibuki wo


Holy wind, which flows gently across the land,
let all things be filled with your pure breath.
Van Rail!



In other languagesEdit

  • Tela de Araña (Spanish, lit. Spider Web)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 219

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