Vedur (Japanese: ヴェドゥル Romaji: veduru) is a character from the Slayers novel The Silver Beast.

Vedur is a member of the Cult of Shabranigdu. He is a beastman, a hybrid of human and black cobra. He is also a chimera combined with Gilfa, who exists as a second brain attached to Vedur's humped back. Vedur has very high magical resistance, allowing him to endure direct hits from Flare Arrow and even an amplified Fireball without harm. He tends to speak laconically, and becomes annoyed when Gilfa runs his mouth. Vedur fights with a sword, supported by Gilfa's shadow magic.

Zelgadiss Graywords kills Vedur during his attack on the cult's headquarters, driving his sword through the beastman's throat. Gilfa then takes over their shared body for a brief time, but Zelgadiss quickly figures out his chimeric nature and finishes him off.

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