Vizea (Japanese: ヴィゼア Romaji: vizea) is a character from the Slayers novel The Ghost Of Sairaag.

Vizea is a low-ranking mazoku who serves Copy Rezo. He has a generally humanoid appearance, but the right side of his face is a blank mask of featureless flesh. He is capable of launching spear-like projectiles and extending worm-like tentacles from the blank side of his face.

Vizea, along with Erisiel Vrumugun, Rahanimu, Goluas, and Baaz, attempts to ambush Lina Inverse, Gourry Gabriev, and Lantz in the Miasma Forest. Though the ambush fails, Vizea survives. He again attacks Lina and Lantz as they hide among the roots of the Holy Tree Flagoon. This time, Lina is too injured to fight, and Lantz battles the mazoku alone using the Blessed Blade. Though Vizea is eventually able to disarm him, Lantz focuses his willpower through the Holy Tree itself and smashes Vizea to pieces.

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