Vlave Howl (蓮獄火炎陣(ヴレイヴ・ハウル) vureivu hauru?, kanji: lit. "Lotus Prison Fire Flame Ranks") is said to be the strongest earth shamanistic spell normally usable by a human. Both Encyclopedia Slayers and Slayers Reading erroneously list it as a fire spell[1][2], but Hajime Kanzaka explicitly stated that Vlave Howl is an earth spell in one of the issues of Blaster![3].

It turns a certain area in the line of sight of the caster into a pool of magma. Since the spell is directional there is no need to worry about whatever is behind the spellcaster, but the spell does affect a large area, so the caster should direct the spell far enough ahead so as not to be enveloped in it's effect.

(Article taken from Slayers Universe.)



大地の底に奮え在る 熱き力の源よ


subete no inochi wo hagukumishi
haha naru mugen no kono daichi
daichi no soko ni furue aru nutsuki chikara no minamoto yo
waga ni shitagai chikara to nare


Infinite earth,
mother who nurtures all life,
let thy power gather in my hand!



In other languagesEdit

  • Blast Furnace Array (in English fan-made subtitle versions)
  • Chorro de Lava (Spanish, lit. Lava Spurt)
  • Tempesta di Lava (Italian, lit. Lava Storm)


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