Void (Japanese: ヴォイド, Kanji translation: Hollow, Romaji: voido) is a black magic[1] teleportation spell.

The spell's effect seems similar to how stronger mazoku accomplish instantaneous movement: the caster disappears with all his clothing and equipment, and re-materializes somewhere else. The effect is not truly instantaneous however, as there is roughly a second of delay between the caster's dis- and reappearance. The range of Void is not surely known, but it should at least allow movement across several rooms at once. Apparently, the spell can only affect the caster; the sorcerer cannot take any of his allies with him.

The single appearance of Void so far is in the 10th novel; since it was used only by the mazoku-human chimeras among the organization of the antagonists, it is likely that the spell cannot be cast by ordinary humans because of the lack of magic capacity or other reasons.


  1. Slayers Reading, pag. 178

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