Translation by sherrasama

Distorted Moon, Tear it down,
Inside my heart, there's an uproar.
What sin is this emotion? Throw it away so I can sleep,
Noisy, Noisy, Silent Night

Living life a half-assed kind of way,
I wish I could make it disappear.
I don't need things like warmth and tenderness.
Concentrating into an evil stare , I glare at tomorrow's prey.
Wow Wow Wow Wow

※Shaking Shaking In My Soul
Angel and Devil,
Shaking Shaking In My Soul
Turning back to back.
Shaking Shaking In My Soul
From beyond the Mosaic,
Shaking Shaking In My Soul
Appearing and Disappearing.
I can strike down my swaying emotions Any Time.

Because I wished for a red rose,
I clenched the thorns too tightly.
I desire this throbbing wound in exchange for it's sweet fragrance.
Noisy, Noisy, Silent Days

Much to my satisfaction there is,
a tide of hot blood flowing inside this body.
To be alive, or to regret not to be:
Where is the correct answer for the way to be?

※※Shaking Shaking In My Soul
Yes or No,
Shaking Shaking In My Soul
I'll decide for myself.
Shaking Shaking In My Soul
Without any tricks,
Shaking Shaking In My Soul
I will brandish my power.
I can strike down my weak emotions Any Time.



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