Windy Shield (Japanese: 封気結界呪ウインディ・シールド, Kanji translation: Seal Spirit Bind World Spell, Romaji: uindi shīrudo) is a defensive spell belonging to air shamanistic magic[1]. It is not surely known whether this spell and the spell referenced as Kaze no Kekkai are the same, but no known differences exist.

It surrounds the caster with a (usually spherical, unlike Air Valm) barrier of wind which is much stronger than the one created by Raywing and defends the caster from all attacks. If the caster is standing on solid ground, the spell does not extend into it and he can still be attacked from below. It's the most popular defensive spell, the Saillune Material Library claims that most of the unnamed barriers that sorcerers use in Slayers stories are created by it. It is possible for several spellcasters to combine their shields to increase the strength of the barrier and it can be used against all but the most powerful offensive spells.

(Article taken from Slayers Universe.)


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 220

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