The Zanaffar armor (Japanese: 封魔ふうま装甲そうこう ザナッファー Romaji: fūma sōkō zanaffā), sometimes also called the demon-sealing breastplate, is a living armor created from instructions found in a Claire Bible manuscript which originally described the creation of the Zenaffa armor.

The armor functions mostly similar to the Zenaffa armor, although some of the latter's abilities are yet to be demonstrated. However, unlike the Zenaffa armor, it grows like a parasite, gradually taking control of and consuming the one who wears it. When it devours them entirely, it becomes the monster called Zanaffar. Zanaffar retains all the knowledge of the host it consumed.

The first set of Zanaffar armor was created by a royal sorcerer. He possessed a Claire Bible manuscript, originally belonging to Letidius. Desiring to know whether or not the manuscript was genuine, he decided to test it by creating a piece of Zenaffa armor. However, either because the manuscript was incomplete, or because he lacked the requisite knowledge to carry them out properly, the result was the Zanaffar armor. This set of armor became the first Demon Beast Zanaffar which leveled Sairaag.

The second and third sets of Zanaffar armor vary depending on the media.


In The Silver Beast, two sets of Zanaffar armor are created by the Cult of Shabranigdu as weapons to destroy Saillune using the same manuscript. One is worn by Duclis, the other by Grouj. Gourry kills Duclis with the Sword of Light before his armor awakens, but Grouj transforms into a full Zanaffar. Zanaffar also consumes Krotz, in order to gain his knowledge of the manuscript so it can create more of its kind. Zanaffar is ultimately destroyed by Lina Inverse.


In Slayers REVOLUTION, the two sets of Zanaffar armor are worn by Duclis and Gioconda. Upon learning that Gioconda was responsible for the disappearance of medical aid sent to his home country of Taforashia, Duclis strikes her with an energy sword, activating her armor. Zanaffar consumes her and then begins consuming as many humans as it can. Zanaffar also activates Duclis' armor, but his transformation is halted halfway when the first Zanaffar is destroyed, again by Lina Inverse. In the first anime series, the Zanaffar created by Copy Rezo appeared instantly, skipping its dormant state as the armor.

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