Zelas Brid (Japanese: 獣王牙操弾ゼラス・ブリッド, Kanji translation: Beast King Fang Maneuver Bullet, Romanji: zerasu buriddo, also known as Zelas Bleed) is a black magic[1] spell that uses the power of Greater Beast Zelas Metallium. It was developed by Lina Inverse.

A ribbon of light emerges from the caster's index finger after saying the Power Words. Its destructive power is equal to those of Dynast Brass or Ragna Blast, but unlike those spells, its direction can be changed by the caster at will, making it almost impossible to dodge.

This advantage also comes with a price, as the spell requires great bucket capacity, making it impossible for humans to use without some kind of magic power amplification.





kooreru morinooku fukaku
araburumono wo suberu ou
horobi wo izanau nanji no kiba de
warera ga michi wo usagishimono ni
ware to nanji ga chikara mote
horobi to mukui wo ataen koto wo


The king of the fierce beasts, who was frozen in the deep forest.
I summon your destructive fang.
And may all infindels who obstruct my path be destroyed by our combined power.


  1. Encyclopedia Slayers, pag. 225

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