The Zenaffa Armor (魔律装甲ゼナファ・アーマー Romaji: zenafa āmā) is a weapon created by the elves and the golden dragons for a war against the mazoku. After the end of the Kōma War, they feared their chances should another war break out. Using information from a Claire Bible manuscript, the Zenaffa Armor was created.

The armor appears as a silver breastplate. It renders the wearer entirely impervious to black and astral shamanistic magic. The armor acts by creating a barrier between the physical and astral bodies of the wearer. Astral magic is unable to reach the wearer's astral body and is therefore entirely ineffective. However, the wearer also loses the ability draw energy from their astral form, and is blocked from casting magic.

The armor is alive and can transform into a second shape: that of a large silver "winged giant". This is the perfect version of the Demon Beast Zanaffar, the uncontrollable monster produced from failed attempts to create Zenaffa Armor. (As most humans aren't aware of the name's origin, these imperfect armors are often called Zanaffar Armor.)

Lina Inverse discovered that the armor's downside could be used as an offensive tactic against mazoku. A mazoku's presence in the physical world is merely a small projection of its true astral body. If a mazoku were to be enclosed in the armor, it would be cut off from the majority of its power still in the astral plane. Lina successfully employed this tactic against Dynast Grausherra, preventing him from using his full power and destroying the part of him within the physical world. The rest of him survived on the astral side, but it would take him some time to recover sufficiently and manifest in the physical world again.

The only currently known set of Zenaffa Armor is owned by Memphis.


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