Zephilian landscape

The Kingdom of Zephilia (Japanese: ゼフィーリア王国 Romaji: zefīria ōkoku) is a country located in the nothern part of the mazoku barrier. It is bordered by the Duchy of Kalmaart to the west, Saillune and Elmekia to the south, and the Desert of Destruction to the east.

The capital of Zephilia is a castle city called Zepheel (also known as Zephilia City[1]). The country is ruled by a monarch called the Eternal Queen[2]. Zephilia produces a disproportionate number of heroes, and spies and assassins sent into the kingdom tend to vanish without a trace[3]. Zephilia is also famed for growing delicious grapes, a fact which is referenced in Slayers: The Motion Picture and Demon Slayers!.

Significant characters from Zephilia include Lina Inverse and Luna Inverse. No Slayers stories take place in Zephilia; the only brief glimpse we get of the nation is from Lina's own memories, exploited by an illusionist in the aforementioned movie. (As seen to the right.)

References Edit

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