Zolf without his bandages.

Zolf (Japanese: ゾルフ Romaji: zorufu; also referred to as "Mummy Man") is a sorcerer loyal to Zelgadiss Graywords. He is voiced in the original Japanese version by 平野 正人 Masato Hirano, and in the English dub by Stan Hart.

Manga mummyman

Zolf as the "mummy man" in the manga.

While under the command of Zelgadiss and Red Priest Rezo, Zolf infiltrated the Dragon Fang bandit gang in order to steal the Orihalcon Statue and the Philosopher's Stone it contained. Unfortunately for him, he joined the gang just in time to be blown up by Lina Inverse who robbed the gang for their ill gotten goods. Due to being caught up in the attack he wears bandages all over his body, hence the nickname Mummy Man. After Zelgadiss' break with Rezo, Zolf chose to follow Zelgadiss and remain under his command.

Zolf dies at the hand of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu (who was summoned into the body of Red Priest Rezo) after mistakingly thinking that casting a Dragon Slave at it would finish it off. Shabranigdu reflected the spell, killing Zolf as well as Rodimus.

Appearences Edit

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