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Zorom (Japanese: ゾロム Romaji: zoromu) was a low-ranking mazoku who worked for Rezo the Red Priest. Zorom's Japanese actor is Masaharu Satō and he is voiced by John Dorsey in the Central Park Media dub.

He had the appearance of an elderly man with green skin, five red eyes, and a hood-cloak. Shortly after Rezo's great-grandson betrayed him, the Red Priest ordered Zorom to kill the traitor and steal the Orihalcon Statue which actually contained the Philosopher's Stone. However, Zorom ended up fighting Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev instead. Zorom's attacks consisted primarily of rapidly extending his razor-sharp fingernails and trying to stab Lina and Gourry with them like spears. Lina's attacks had no effect on Zorom and the situation didn't improve in the least when he changed into his true form; a larger back-bended version of his base form with two extra arms.

Zorom's Death

Gourry slays Zorom with the sword of light.

When trying to take the statue from Gourry, the swordsman drew his Sword of Light for the first time (in the anime) and easily cut down Zorom.


  • Although it can be said that Zorom is a low-raking mazoku for his non-human appearance, he was categorized as middle-ranking mazoku in one of the first series' guidebooks[1]. In later works, such as the Encyclopedia Slayers, he's mentioned just as pure mazoku.


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